Global Investment in Aviation Summit Links Developed and Emerging Markets through Investment in Aviation Industry

Date Published: December 19, 2018
The first edition of the Global Investment in Aviation Summit (GIAS 2019), slated to take place in Dubai on January 28 & 29, 2019, will bring together more than 2, 000 participants, including the world’s top investors in the aviation sector, government leaders, private financers, aviation asset owners,  aircraft operators and logistic service providers.
HE Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Director General of the General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), said the UAE, which emerged as the region’s biggest aviation hub, has achieved unique jumps in investment in the aviation industry during the past few years.
“The Aviation Industry is one of the most important economic sectors globally, with the demand for air transport is projected to increase by an annual average of 4.3 percent, while the volume of the global aviation industry and its related logistic and technical services is estimated to reach $1, 000 billion,” Al Suwaidi said.
Al Suwaidi added: “GIAS 2019 is held in the light of the expected growth rates and capital inflows into the aviation industry due to the steady and remarkable increase in demands for air transport, as the world’s safest mode of transportation, in addition to its reasonable costs. The summit will bring together an elite group of industry decision makers and financiers, within an investment –friendly environment that helps strengthen investment partnerships, share proposals and expertise. It will also offer a platform for industry experts to network and discuss the current and future aviation projects as well as investment opportunities to develop the sector.”
The summit, organized by GCAA under the theme “Linking Developed and Emerging Markets through Investment in the Aviation Sector”  in Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, aims to highlight promising investment opportunities offered by the airline industry, whose investments are estimated at $1, 000 billion, with an anticipated fixed growth rate of 4.3 percent per year.
GIAS 2019 will address the major aviation projects in local, regional and global markets, with a focus on markets in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, as well as emerging markets, which are the target markets by the aviation industry and its related sectors. The summit will also discuss ways to enhance an environment encouraging investment in the aviation industry.
 It will also offer a reliable environment to build conclusive partnerships and solid bonds between investors and projects developers, to make strategic and informed investments in the several aviation-related sectors represented at GIAS 2019.
The two-day aviation event will focus on directing investments towards six different sectors, including aircraft maintenance, manufacturing and supply, aircraft engineering and technology , defense aviation, duty free markets and the aviation catering industry.
Focusing on these six main sectors is due to the developments witnessed by global aviation markets in order to meet the new markets’ demands. The GIAS will also allow countries, organizations and companies to discover investment opportunities offered by the aviation sector, in addition to attracting new global investors.
The summit is held at a time when the region’s aviation industry rides high on efficiency and performance, and amid expectations that the global aircraft maintenance markets will continue to grow and achieve stable growth rates due to increasing demand for their services as a result of the rapid and consecutive developments in these markets, as well as the continuous increase in airline fleets on the global scale, particularly in India, China and the Middle East.
The General Civil Aviation Authority is the federal authority that manages and regulates the UAE airspace and the aviation sector in order to serve the public in a dynamic and thriving aviation environment.
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